SaifWay Center

    3021 Horizon Circle, NY


    (+89) 847-291-4353



    10.00 - 18.00

    Monday to Friday


Table of Module Position and suffix

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Module PositionModule Class SuffixModule Name
top1 top-social Top Social (SP Social)
top2 X Top Menu (Joomla Menu)
account X Account (BT Login)
feature1 intro-title About Company (Custom HTML)
feature1 intro-feature Intro Feature (TS Features, Layout - Basic)
feature2 X Request A Quote (JE Quick Contact)
product product title-border Our Insurance Product (RokSprocket, Strips Layout )
main-top title-border feature-tab Why Choose SaifWay (RokSprocket, Tabs Layout)
content-top1 X We Are Here To Help (Custom Html)
content-top2 left Our History (Latest News Timeline)
content-mid1 intro-title The importance of being covered (Custom HTML)
content-mid2 X Popular Facts (Ts Facts)
content-bottom title-border news-slide Latest Update from News (RokSprocket , Strips Layout )
testimonial title-border Clients Testimonials (RokSprocket, Quotes Layout)
footer-top title-border news-strips Footer Address (Custom HTML)