More people are Recovering than Dying from Coronavirus

Not every news is bad! Let’s share with you some good news!


. If we look at the data, we can note two important points:


(1) Chinese virus testing technology is improving that’s why now Confirmed cases (red) are more than the Suspected cases (yellow). It means now Chinese hospitals can swiftly tell a patient is suspected or confirmed to carry the virus. Since February 4, 2020, this improvement is evident.


(2) More people are recovering (green) than dying (grey). It means if you get virus today you are more likely to survive than before. This trend is most evident since February 1, 2020.

(2) 复苏的人(绿色)比死亡的人(灰色)多。这意味着如果你今天感染了病毒,你比以前更有可能存活下来。这一趋势自2020年2月1日以来最为明显。

Thanks to Chinese government, researchers, doctors, bio technologists and their volunteers.


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