Nigerians in China cheer for Wuhan and cheer for China!

A report extracted from CRI Online a formost Online Radio & Television Station in China

By Zhao Yan

Nigerians in China cheer for Wuhan and cheer for China!

International Online Report (Reporter Lei Xia): As the Chinese people are fighting against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, Some awareness flyers have been trending on various social media with the theme: “Wuhan Jia You’’, pray for China” it became popular among Nigerians in China. Many Nigerians in China have used these flyers as their WeChat avatars to cheer Wuhan and China.

The flyers were designed and launched by NIDO China (Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation). The picture is set in Chinese red, with lanterns, Chinese knots and other elements, as well as the national flags of China and Nigeria. At the same time, the words ” Wuhan Jia You’’”, “Pray for China”, and “Chinese Language and Culture” are written at this difficult moment. Together “” We will overcome the difficulties together “and so on.

“We want to express our concern and support for this great country, especially the people of Wuhan, by designing and sharing this Flyer,” Louis Idehen, an executive Of NIDO, said in an interview with reporters. Standing by the Chinese people, we will do our best to help, and strive for the ultimate victory of the epidemic as soon as possible. Jia you China! Jiayou Wuhan! “

Ibrahim Aliyu, a Nigerian student studying for a master’s degree in surgery at Jinzhou Medical University, Liaoning Province. Recently, he reposted the picture of ” Wuhan Jia You’’” in the circle of friends. Aliyu said: “I have studied in China for almost nine years, and China is my second hometown. I am grateful for everything China has given me. At this difficult time, we stand firmly with the people of Wuhan and the whole Chinese people. Together, cheer for them and pray for them. “

Aliyu spoke highly of the powerful measures taken by the Chinese government to fight the epidemic. He said China is making every effort to prevent the epidemic from spreading. He has been to Wuhan twice, it is a beautiful city. It is believed that under the effective prevention and control of the Chinese government and people, Wuhan will soon be restored to its former glory.

Muhammadu Baba Yahaya, a Nigerian who works in Beijing, also changed his WeChat avatar to a picture of ” Wuhan Jia You’’” these two days. Babbs said: “Fate brings us to China. We work here, study, and integrate with the people here. Everything here is closely related to us. So, at this special moment, we hope to show that We stand firmly with Chinese friends in both good and bad times. “

Mr. Baba said that his relatives and friends in Nigeria have called in recent days to inquire about his condition, and he replied that he was all right here. The Chinese government has taken timely and effective measures to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, especially the urgent construction of two hospitals in Wuhan in about ten days, which is impressive.

Edited by: Zhao Yan



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