About Us

NiDO China was formed in 2017 after extensive discussions among all stakeholders including members of the community, members of the Diplomatic mission in China, The Federal Government of Nigeria as well as NiDO Asia, NiDO Europe, NiDO America and NiDO Africa.

NiDO China is the umbrella body of all Nigerians in China and is supported and recognized by The Diplomatic mission in China, The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria as well as the Federal Government of Nigeria.

NiDO China’s pioneering executive committee (Exco) has facilitated the development of an active community of Nigerians in China. In 2018, NiDO China supported Nigerians in East China as they came together in a harmonious community forming NiDO East China chapter. This is very much encouraged. NiDO South China Chapter has also been created and functional. NiDO China is currently working on the creation of a NiDO North China chapter. This is because China is very big and we need grassroot presence everywhere in China for effective engagement.

Our Aim

The aim of NiDO China amongst others includes providing social welfare interventions, bridging the gap between policy and diaspora participation, promoting cultural exchange between Nigeria and China, promoting bilateral business development and active contribution to the national development of Nigeria

Our Vision

Our vision at NiDO China is to develop a vibrant community of Nigerians in China, providing a platform for national development by identifying individuals with the skills, and capacity as well as the willingness to contribute to nation building.