The 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation slated in Beijing China from
October 17th to 19th, 2023, marked a significant milestone in Nigeria-China relations since
the inception of BRI. The event, aimed at fostering global cooperation, economic
development and greater member trade integration. The BRI forum has seen leaders from
major countries all flocking to the capital city of China. For the next three days all eyes and
cameras shall be focused on the congregation of world leaders in Beijing. The BRI has grown
to over 50 countries since its inception in 2013.
Nigeria’s Vice President arrived at the early hours of Monday morning. The vibrant VP was
warmly and ceremoniously welcomed at the capital Airport Beijing.
Accompanying Nigeria’s Vice President is Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Minister for
Transportation, Minister of Finance and Directors of parastatals.

The Vice President’s participation signifies President BOLA AHMED ADEKULE TINUBU’s administrations dedication, acknowledgement and desire to ensure Nigeria remains a valuable member of the BRI to sustain the renewed Hope mantra of the administration. The Vice President Senator who had a slew of
engagement on his first day despite arriving the Capital city, judiciously followed through with his set agenda on an expected engagement with Consular’s, Embassy staffs and his last meeting expected to be with ECOWAS member states. At 2pm precisely, on arriving at the mission, his excellency was received at the mission by the outgoing Ambassador BABA AHMAD JIDDA (OFR). While staffs at the mission fidgety waited to be recognized by his excellency. The Vice President Senator KASHIM SHETTIMA gracefully and
effortlessly directed his attention and entourage to acknowledge members of the Nigerian community, drawn by the warm cheers and chants from Nigerian students in China. The VP then deftly approached the students, lavishing some good minutes with them.

In a poignant moment, the VP had a deep exchange with the bright minds of Nigerians
studying in China. “You represent the future of the nation, the FG is poised to utilize your skills
and knowledge towards Nigeria’s development as regards China/Nigeria economic
development”. The Vice President’s words of encouragement and support resonated deeply,
igniting a renewed sense of purpose and determination amongst these promising young
minds and other graduates from universities from China.

Gravitating right afterwards to the Nigerian professional community in China, humbly chauffeured by the NIDO China President Dr OCHE and Mr OKPOZAE G.O (former Lagos State Federal House of Rep
Candidate, and VP of Nigerians in Diaspora China). The Nigerian diaspora in China, a vibrant and diverse
community, serves as a testament to the evolving bilateral success of people to people exchanges, a growing skilled workforce of Nigerian origin, as well as strings of consultant in diverse fields in A.I.
development, Digital economic services development, Economic and investment services
consultant between China/Nigeria. A true manifestation of enduring ties that bind Nigerians
around the globe. The Vice President’s interactions with the diaspora were marked by warmth
and a shared sense of pride in Nigeria’s renewed sense of hope in the new administration. It
was a moment of elation to actually have a glimpse of the VP.

Senator KASHIM SHETTIMA’s visit to China for the 3rd Belt and Road Forum exemplified the
strength and potential of Nigeria’s diplomatic engagements on the global stage as Nigeria
expects to further more economic integration with China.

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