In a historic rendezvous that resonated with the spirit of unity and shared aspirations, Nigeria’s Vice President, Senator Kashim Sheitima, graced the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China.

His visit has not only fortified the bilateral relations between Nigeria and China but has also stirred the hearts of the Nigerian community in China, leaving an indelible mark on their collective consciousness.

Celebrating Nigeria’s Role in Global Cooperation

The 3rd Belt and Road Forum has become the cornerstone of international collaboration, and Vice President Sheitima’s presence has elevated Nigeria’s standing on this global platform. His visit symbolized Nigeria’s unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable development and international cooperation.

A Hero’s Welcome

The Vice President’s arrival at the Beijing Capital Airport was met with an air of anticipation and fervor. Chinese officials extended a warm welcome, setting the tone for a series of engagements that would redefine diplomatic relations between the two nations.


Strengthening Diplomatic Ties

At the heart of the visit was a pivotal reception and briefing at the Nigerian Embassy in Beijing. Here, Senator Sheitima engaged with the diligent home-based officers, whose tireless efforts have been instrumental in advancing Nigeria’s interests in China. Their dedication provided the backdrop for a fruitful exchange throughout the forum.


Forging Regional Solidarity

A moment of significance unfolded when the Vice President convened with the ambassadors from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) at the Nigerian Embassy. This assembly of distinguished envoys underscored the regional solidarity and shared vision for a thriving West Africa. It reaffirmed Nigeria’s pivotal role in the ECOWAS community and its unwavering dedication to the Belt and Road Initiative.


A Heartfelt Welcome from the Diaspora

The vibrant and diverse Nigerian diaspora in China opened their hearts in a welcome of unparalleled warmth. Their presence echoed the enduring bonds that unite Nigerians across the globe. The Vice President’s interactions with the diaspora were marked by a shared sense of pride in Nigeria’s accomplishments and its limitless potential.

Empowering the Future: Nigerian Students in China

In a poignant encounter, Senator Sheitima met with the brilliant minds of Nigeria studying in China. These students are the torchbearers of the nation’s future, poised to contribute their skills and knowledge towards Nigeria’s development. The Vice President’s words of encouragement ignited a renewed sense of purpose and determination among these promising young minds.

A Glimpse into a Brighter Tomorrow

Senator Kashim Sheitima’s visit has not only fortified Nigeria’s diplomatic endeavors on the global stage, but it has also served as a beacon of hope and collaboration. His interactions with various stakeholders have forged bonds that will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of Nigeria’s international relations.

A Grateful Community

The Nigerian community in China stands united in gratitude for the Vice President’s visit. His presence has inspired hope and instilled a renewed sense of pride in their Nigerian identity. They eagerly anticipate continued support from the government in furthering opportunities for education, business, and cultural exchange.

In welcoming Vice President Sheitima, the NIDO community in China celebrates a triumph of diplomacy and envisions a future of even greater collaboration between Nigeria and the international community. This visit has left an indelible mark on the hearts of Nigerians in China, igniting a beacon of hope for a brighter and more interconnected world.

Article written by

 Enyiazu Franca Adanne

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